Author: James Bell

September Cool Drinks: Rain Gardens & Other Green Infrastructure – Approaches to Manage Storm water
October 17, 2016 News & Views,Uncategorized James Bell

At the first Cool Drinks of the 2016/17 season, we learned how green infrastructure, particularly rain gardens, can help to reduce storm water runoff and flooding in order to minimize damage to our local ecosystems and community infrastructure. Kyra Smiljanic opened the event by leading us on a tour of the rain garden at Pauline

Sustainable Energy Solutions for North Shore Homes
May 2, 2016 News & Views,Uncategorized James Bell

At April’s Cool Drinks, Rob Baxter of Vancouver Renewable Energy Cooperative and Ben Themens of Lonsdale Energy Corporation discussed how solar and district energy technology works and how they offer better and greener energy alternatives for residential buildings on the North Shore. Rob Baxter, VREC VREC primarily installs solar photovoltaic, solar hot water and solar

Weatherizing Your Home for Winter Workshop
December 3, 2015 News & Views,Uncategorized James Bell

At last week’s Cool Drinks event, BJ Meyer of BC Hydro opened the evening by introducing several energy conservation programs and tools offered by BC Hydro to help consumers decrease energy use and ultimately save some money. Presently, the following sources account for home energy use: Heating – 50% Appliances – 20% Lighting – 16%

May Cool Drinks: Sustainable Vehicles for the 21st Century
June 3, 2015 News & Views,Uncategorized James Bell

For our final Cool Drinks of the 2014/15 season, Eve Hou, Colin Armstrong and Sylvain Celaire reviewed three types of vehicles that are more sustainable than conventional gas powered vehicle: electric and hydrogen vehicles plus car share programs. The main benefits and attributes of these vehicles are featured below for citizens that are interested in

March Cool Drinks: The Impact of Climate Change on Biodiversity, Parks and Our Engagement with the Natural Environment
March 28, 2015 News & Views,Uncategorized James Bell

At this month’s Cool Drinks, Peter Wood of CPAWS introduced two campaigns aimed at creating new parks in southern BC, which could help species adapt to climate change impacts. Afterwards, John Barker of West Vancouver Stream Keeper Society and Frieda Schade of Metro Vancouver explained how our urban streams and regional parks are being affected

January Cool Drinks: Home Energy Efficiency Tools – What Value Do They Offer?
February 2, 2015 News & Views,Uncategorized James Bell

At the first Cool Drinks of 2015, Tom-Pierre Frappe-Seneclauze and Veronica Owens discussed two tools used to promote more energy efficient homes in our communities – energy labelling and green building rating systems. Following their introduction, Michael van der Laan from the City of North Vancouver highlighted specific initiatives that the city has recently instituted

November Cool Drinks: The Impacts of Climate Change on Human Health
November 30, 2014 News & Views,Uncategorized James Bell

At our final Cool Drinks of 2014, our speakers introduced us to the main health risks from climate change, which members of the population are most vulnerable, and current strategies being implemented to mitigate and adapt to specific health related impacts. Highlights of the event are provided below. If you are interested in further info,

October Cool Drinks: Climate Change, Snow and Winter Sports
October 30, 2014 Uncategorized James Bell

How is climate change impacting the snow on our local mountains? How does this impact our winter sports? October Cool Drinks set out to answer these questions.  Our keynote speaker was Leanne Pelosi, professional snowboarder and member of the Protect Our Winters (POW) Rider’s Alliance. A panel of mountain sustainability experts followed, including Dr. Stewart

September Cool Drinks: How is Food Security being Achieved on the North Shore?
October 7, 2014 News & Views,Uncategorized James Bell

At the first Cool Drinks event of the 2014/15 season, Hannah Wittman introduced audience members to the concepts of food security, sovereignty and agrarian citizenship, while Margaret Broughton, Scott Rowe, and Rubina Jamal discussed specific projects aimed at improving food security on the North Shore, including the North Vancouver Food Charter and the Scaling up